We dedicate this section to all the survivors that want to share their stories. Help us spread the hope by sharing your success and to let everyone know how difficult your journey was. Your testimonials will help individuals find the strength to fight and conquer Drug addiction.

Quotes I came to Strategic Intervention to ask for help with my daughter and right away they went to work to help find placement for a program that would fit her needs. My daughter has had a long time drug problem and has been through numerous facilities with no success. Because of the drugs and lifestyle she developed an dibiltating illness that weakens her amune system horribly. Strategic took the time to speak with her and build a profile to help find a program that could support her treatment needs as well as her medical. She has been in treatment for about a month now and everytime I speak to her she sounds so alive and healthy. I cant wait to see her to give her a giant hug and let her know how proud of her I am. Thank You Guys so much for your personal approach to helping people with addictions. Quotes
Missy Weicher
Happy Mom

Quotes When I came to Strategic Intervention they opened their arms to me without a question. Without their support and help I would have never been able to kick the habit that I had. Because of the pills I lost my wife and my kids, but because of the program they help me find and participate in I was able to get clean and reastablish a realationship with my children. My ex wife has seen my growth and that I am truly trying to do what is right, so she allows me to see the kids on the weekends now. Thank You Strategic Intervention, without you I may not have been able to do this and something really bad could have happened to me. Brian Foster Quotes
Brian Foster

Quotes I am very blessed to have freedom from my drug of choice.... meth! truly the devil is working today! I have done everything i said i would not do and some because of my addiction. I have walked the streets at a very young age with NO where to go! Even though i was at my "rock bottom" I am here to tell u my rock bottom had a trap door! this drug is so powerful and so disasterous that you will loose your kids, sanity, morals, looks, houses, alot of money not to mention spirutually bankrupt emotionally karupt and completly empty and alone. Holidays and birthdays and days, weeks, months and years go by so fast u have no clue where it all went until it is too late! It takes and takes until you have nothing to give!!! you will be lucky to live!!! I highly suggest don't try it and I am here to tell here there is FREEDOM!!!!! Freedom from the madness the sin and emptiness!!!! Reach out before it is too late!!!! I have been clean since January 31, 2006 only by the grace of my higher power! Quotes
Joanne JoJo Litzau
Joanne JoJo Litzau

Quotes I have found hope through loss, I have a young child who is losing his mother because of addiction to many drugs including Meth. My sons mother started using years ago and developed a dabilitating illness from the attrocities that can come from addiction to this substance. It saddens me everyday to know that my son will have to grow up without his mother. She has maybe a year and half to live. I am proud of her though because she has been clean now for almost a year and spends every waking moment she can with our son. I have developed a determination to assist in ridding our communities of Meth because of the attrocities it causes. I develop a faith and hope everyday seeing how many individuals and families are standing up and saying, ( We are done!! It is Time to fight agianst this killer of children and parents!! We are done and we will fight until Meth is removed from our community. Quotes
Loss and Hope


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