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Meth360 is a community outreach program designed to inform and empower parents and concerned citizens to take action to stop the spread of methamphetamine. The core component of Meth360 is a multimedia methamphetamine prevention presentation designed to be co-delivered by teams of law enforcement, substance abuse treatment and prevention professionals within their communities.

This program is funded by grants from the U.S. Department of Justice through its Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS). A key objective is to enhance the ability of state and local law enforcement agencies to deal with methamphetamine in their communities through increased methamphetamine awareness and community education.

Meth360 is a program of methamphetamine prevention presentations that are co-delivered by law enforcement, prevention, and treatment professionals to community groups, such as parent, school, workplace, healthcare, civic and other organizations. While the audience will hear from all three legs of the anti-drug effort -- enforcement, treatment, and prevention -- the primary goals are prevention education and community mobilization.

The Meth360 presentation contains six information modules, each of which addresses a specific aspect of methamphetamine, and substance abuse in general. The presentation, supplemented with video features, introduces these topics to the audiences. While it contains basic methamphetamine information relevant to all areas of the country, the presentation is designed to be customized by the presenters to reflect local issues and needs, and is available in 20- and 40-minute lengths. It concludes with a Q&A session as well as a "next steps" discussion to discuss how the audience can use the information presented. Detailed methamphetamine information packets are provided to attendees along with directions on how to access the web site, more comprehensive and in-depth information, features and resources.

The presentation covers an overview on methamphetamine, its manufacture, distribution and use, and stories of real-life methamphetamine experiences, as well as the six specific information sections covering these topics:

  • Methamphetamine Facts
  • How Methamphetamine Affects Users
  • Impact of Methamphetamine on Communities
  • Families and Prevention
  • Intervention and Treatment
  • Communities and Prevention

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